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I love you.

I think that you’re the only person who understands me more than others. 

Thank you for being here for me right now. 

Oh, Milda. I’ll be here for you always! I love you too dear.

Sugar Milk ♚: Shizuking


Happy happy birthday!

I wish everything the best to you, and hopefully all the worries and troubles will vanish and disappear soon C: 

I remember when we met I never thought that I will find so much common things with you, and that you will help me and support me as much as you did. I was pretty sad when we kind of stopped talking everyday and such, but you get a smile on my face every time I get your message or replay >////< 

So I really wish you everything the best for this and all the other upcoming years! 

Lots and lots of love, Milda~

Thank you so much Milda~ You are so sweet~ ; ; ♥ And you supported me too, and i’m happy that I could help and support you on your hard times like you did to me!

Thank you Milda~ ♥ ♥ ♥