Mayu | 21 | ♀ | Finland

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eyyy all the good things about mayu a text post by luzer: the best of

  • cute smile
  • freckles oh daym those freckles mm mmm
  • her cute cheeks you can smooch them any time you want (not u, just me)
  • back of her neck oh ye with that short hair hng do me already
  • wARM HANDS !!!
  • that is very important
  • also she’s very short, that’s extra cute
  • wow it’s real cute tho like 155 cm what even she’s the cutest
  • her scent’s so sweet and it’s mixed with cigarette that’s hot srsly
  • she’s 140% pure funny
  • her arms are nice to touch with fingertips!
  • her face A+
  • she likes doges
  • there’s invisible flowercrown on her head
  • everything
  • literally everything about her is good
  • she’s perfect
  • mwah okay she’s lovely
  • did i mentioned her freckles tho wow oh my

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i feel it

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