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Tidus/Yuna - Shuyin/Lenneparalel

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"who’s feelings are these? lenne’s? …mine?"

¬ lenne/yuna parallels. 

Is she cute?”
“Yeah, but a crybaby.” The woman was a good listener, so Fang continued. “When she’s lonely or worried, she always cries. But if I pat her on the head she’ll forget it all in an instant. She’s just like that…”
“I see… well, I hope you can find her soon so you can pat her on the head.”

(ffxiii: episode zero)

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Few days ago I got 100% on the Final Fantasy XIII: LR trophies, so now I have 100% on both XIII-2 and LR but I still haven’t got the FF XIII trophies to 100% so started the game again to get all of the trophies.

I was just looking the trophies list on the net and god damn few of the trophies are going to be so time consuming and annoying… But I gotta do it! I need 100% to all of the trophies on FF XIII trilogy!

And FF XIII is a good game, so I don’t mind but all that farming stuff etc. It’s going to be hard!

Phew-! Just finished playing Final Fantasy XIII: LR and gotta say that I was a bit disappointed at the start, but now that I finished the game I gotta say.. Good work Square Enix! The ending was just so beautiful (I smiled like an idiot during the screen) and a fine ending for the trilogy! I don’t wanna give any spoilers so i’ll shut my mouth here and start playing New Game+


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Paddra Nsu-Yeul
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This eternity, it was never your desire.


This eternity, it was never your desire.